What does Password Protection (in the JetDrive Go App) do?

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Once Password Protection is enabled, unlocking by re-entering the password or with a Touch ID will be required every time you access or manage the drive on your iPhone. Also, when the drive is password protected, the Data Recovery function will become unavailable.

Before you access a locked JetDrive Go on any PC, you need to first disable the Password Protection function either in the App setting on your iPhone or with JetDrive Toolbox on your computer.

※ A Comparison Table: Password Protection in the JetDrive Go App / JetDrive Toolbox

If you forget your password, please download Transcend’s exclusive JetDrive Toolbox software to recover the JetDrive Go online.
(1) Online Recovery will format your JetDrive Go to its default settings and erase all data.
(2) To protect user privacy and for data security reasons, data recovery is not available on a locked JetDrive Go.

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